Three Octopuses And An Otter

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A while back I started a new Tumblr, because I was uncomfortable about the people from school following me. Now I’m not anymore, so would you like to follow me at a blog that is actually active?

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This is me singing the song I want to sing for my final. The timing is horrible but I can learn it soon enough. I’m desperate at this point. Should I?

 Okay can you guys help me out? Pleasee?

Should I sing it? y/n?

Hey, everyone

I have this friend Emily and she has this awesome Tumblr where she posts all of these really cool pictures she takes herself. Seriously, I really think all of you should go follow her. :)


Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.



Things I’m Good At
  • Peeling grapes
  • Fangirling and/or squealing
  • Pretending I know the lyrics to songs but really I have no idea
  • Sarcasm
  • Sharpening a pencil with a pair of scissors
  • Organizing iTunes libraries
  • Applying sunscreen
  • Making people think I’m energetic/a fun person to be around
  • Knowing what color bowtie Eleven is wearing in every Series 5 episode
  • Screaming
  • Putting the right amount of hot sauce on food items
  • Getting drawstrings back into sweatshirts
  • Making fun of my mom
  • Being paranoid
  • Convincing people they’re hair looks good
  • Selling out
  • Highlighting without getting the ink to run to the other side of the paper
  • Feigning nonchalance
  • Convincing teachers I did nothing wrong
  • Reading lips
  • Not blinking when a weeping angel shows up on my dash
  • Putting absolutely no effort into class and still getting good grades
  • Steeping tea

So as you can see, I’m going to be very successful in life.

Does anyone know where I can watch The King’s Speech online?

Free and illegally, of course.

It would be much appreciated :)